Investment strategy


Beacon Rose Partners is committed to the development and preservation of affordable rental housing. We provide equity capital that helps to create and maintain high quality affordable rental apartments for low-income households. We know that affordable housing serves as an important part of our social fabric and an integral component for both economic development and individual household empowerment.

  • Rising Cost Burden Accelerating disparity between housing costs and household incomes.
  • Dwindling Supply of Affordable Housing Aging affordable housing inventory susceptible to deterioration and demolition.
  • Low Correlation to Broader U.S. Economy Generates above-market occupancy rates and stable revenues throughout the various market cycles.
  • Strong Financial Fundamentals Generates strong property-level cash-on-cash yields and debt coverage ratios.
  • High Barriers to Entry Specialized property management services and deep program expertise required to comply with federal and state regulatory requirements.


Small Lot homes are a “smart growth in-fill development solution” that provide an alternative housing option to traditional single-family homes, multifamily apartments and condominium projects. Small Lot homes are fee-simple detached townhomes that allow homeowners to own both the land and structure, making them more attractive to first-time buyers. They are built in line with a neighborhood’s character and surrounding buildings while promoting better land usage – they’re compact, sustainable and modern.

  • Broad Applicability Across Urban Centers Major cities facing similar challenges of insufficient “naturally affordable” housing supply vis-à-vis growing urban populations.
  • Rising Rents Affluent renters are reconsidering homeownership in light of escalating rents and low interest rates.
  • Shifting Demographics Homebuyers are searching for convenience and desire proximity to central business districts, where they can “Work, Live, and Play.”
  • Functionally Obsolete Homes Vast majority of single family homes were built prior to 1960 and designed to meet the needs of an older generation. Homes were often single-story and designed with large yards.